Since 2012

working in national and international environments, in the agribusiness sector.

ALSANIE is a genuine company that deals directly with the agricultural sector of the Brazilian economy. Founded in Rio Grande do Sul, the company operates in national and international environments, working with soybeans, soybean meal, corn, fertilizers, ores and other agricultural commodities and exploiting, with sustainability, the riches offered by the Brazilian soil. Founded in 2012 and directed by Daiana de Souza, ALSANIE is actively working with countries such as China, Germany, Portugal and other countries of the European Union, Asia and the Middle East. The company's mission is to enable farmers to grow quality crops to provide a reliable market and fair price for commodities, ensuring that products meet international standards and ensuring efficient delivery to the end market.




CEO and Commercial Manager
Commercial Manager in sales of soybean, corn, sugar (export) and fertilizer sales, with important activity in developing suppliers / farmers and establishing representatives in all Brazilian states. Participation in fairs in China, Europe and the Middle East.


Founding Partner
Technical in administration, worked in the administrative sector of different companies, especially in the financial area. Through personal and family relationships, he became interested in agribusiness and established ALSANIE IMPORTAÇÃO E EXPORTAÇÃO DE CEREAIS LTDA.


We are passionate about what we do: We work with joy and positive energy and are proud of the company;
We have the attitude of owner: we are relentless in the pursuit of efficiency and we take care of everything carefully, maintaining simplicity and agility;
We innovate, we don't solve: We are always thinking and implementing new solutions that address the causes of problems and make us better than we are;
We work together: we believe that everyone can contribute individually, always with humility, and that by working as a team we are stronger;
We honor the combined: the combined is not expensive. We deliver what we promise and commit to what we agree;
We are discreet: We treat our personal and company information with the utmost care, avoiding unnecessary exposure.